ERROR: no input gatekeeper store (-G) supplied.
ERROR: no input overlap store (-O) supplied.
ERROR: no input read corrections file (-c) supplied.
ERROR: no output erates file (-o) supplied.
USAGE:  correctOverlaps [-d <dna-file>] [-o <ovl_file>] [-q <quality>]
            [-x <del_file>] [-F OlapFile] [-S OlapStore]
            [-c <cgb_file>] [-e <erate_file>
           <gkpStore> <CorrectFile> <lo> <hi>

Recalculates overlaps for frags  <lo> .. <hi>  in
 <gkpStore>  using corrections in  <CorrectFile>

-e <erate-file>  specifies binary file to dump corrected erates to
                 for later updating of olap store by  update-erates
-F             specify file of sorted overlaps to use (in the format
               produced by  get-olaps
-o <ovl_file>  specifies name of file to which OVL messages go
-q <quality>   overlaps less than this error rate are
               automatically output
-S             specify the binary overlap store containing overlaps to use