usage: filterCorrectionOverlaps [options]

Rewrites an ovlStore, filtering overlaps that shouldn't be used for correcting reads.

  -G gkpStore     input reads
  -O ovlStore     input overlaps
  -S scoreFile    output scores for each read, binary file, to 'scoreFile'
                  per-read logging to 'scoreFile.log' (see -nolog)
                  summary statistics to 'scoreFile.stats' (see -nostats)

  -c coverage     retain at most this many overlaps per read

  -l length       filter overlaps shorter than this length
  -e (min-)max    filter overlaps outside this range of fraction error
                    example:  -e 0.20          filter overlaps above 20% error
                    example:  -e 0.05-0.20     filter overlaps below 5% error
                                                            or above 20% error

  -nolog          don't create 'scoreFile.log'
  -nostats        don't create 'scoreFile.stats'
ERROR: no gatekeeper store (-G) supplied.
ERROR: no overlap store (-O) supplied.
ERROR: no output scoreFile (-S) supplied.