usage: gatekeeperDumpFASTQ [...] -o fastq-prefix -g gkpStore
  -G gkpStore
  -o fastq-prefix     write files fastq-prefix.(libname).fastq, ...
                      if fastq-prefix is '-', all sequences output to stdout
                      if fastq-prefix ends in .gz, .bz2 or .xz, output is compressed

  -l libToDump        output only read in library number libToDump (NOT IMPLEMENTED)
  -r id[-id]          output only the single read 'id', or the specified range of ids

  -c clearFile        clear range file from OBT modules
  -allreads           if a clear range file, lower case mask the deleted reads
  -allbases           if a clear range file, lower case mask the non-clear bases
  -onlydeleted        if a clear range file, only output deleted reads (the entire read)

  -fastq              output is FASTQ format (with extension .fastq, default)
  -fasta              output is FASTA format (with extension .fasta)

  -nolibname          don't include the library name in the output file name

ERROR: no gkpStore (-G) supplied.
ERROR: no output prefix (-o) supplied.