usage: ovStoreBuild -O asm.ovlStore -G asm.gkpStore [opts] [-L fileList | *.ovb.gz]
  -O asm.ovlStore       path to store to create
  -G asm.gkpStore       path to gkpStore for this assembly

  -L fileList           read input filenames from 'flieList'

  -F f                  use up to 'f' files for store creation
  -M g                  use up to 'g' gigabytes memory for sorting overlaps
                          default 4; g-0.125 gb is available for sorting overlaps

  -e e                  filter overlaps above e fraction error
  -l l                  filter overlaps below l bases overlap length (needs gkpStore to get read lengths!)

Non-building options:
  -evalues              input files are evalue updates from overlap error adjustment
  -config out.dat       don't build a store, just dump a binary partitioning file for ovStoreBucketizer

ERROR: No overlap store (-o) supplied.
ERROR: No gatekeeper store (-g) supplied.
ERROR: No input overlap files (-L or last on the command line) supplied.