* No kmer length supplied; -k needed!
ERROR:  No output file name specified
USAGE:  overlapInCore [options] <gkpStorePath>

-b <fn>     in contig mode, specify the output file
-c          contig mode.  Use 2 frag stores.  First is
            for reads; second is for contigs
-G          do partial overlaps
-h <range>  to specify fragments to put in hash table
            Implies LSF mode (no changes to frag store)
-I          designate a file of frag iids to limit olaps to
            (Contig mode only)
-k          if one or two digits, the length of a kmer, otherwise
            the filename containing a list of kmers to ignore in
            the hash table
-l          specify the maximum number of overlaps per
            fragment-end per batch of fragments.
-m          allow multiple overlaps per oriented fragment pair
-M          specify memory size.  Valid values are '8GB', '4GB',
            '2GB', '1GB', '256MB'.  (Not for Contig mode)
-o          specify output file name
-P          write protoIO output (if not -G)
-r <range>  specify old fragments to overlap
-t <n>      use <n> parallel threads
-u          allow only 1 overlap per oriented fragment pair
-w          filter out overlaps with too many errors in a window
-z          skip the hopeless check

--maxrate <n>      only output overlaps with fraction <n> or less error (e.g., 0.06 == 6%)
--minlength <n>    only output overlaps of <n> or more bases

--hashbits n       Use n bits for the hash mask.
--hashstrings n    Load at most n strings into the hash table at one time.
--hashdatalen n    Load at most n bytes into the hash table at one time.
--hashload f       Load to at most 0.0 < f < 1.0 capacity (default 0.7).

--maxreadlen n     For batches with all short reads, pack bits differently to
                   process more reads per batch.
                     all reads must be shorter than n
                     --hashstrings limited to 2^(30-m)
                   Common values:
                     maxreadlen 2048->hashstrings  524288 (default)
                     maxreadlen  512->hashstrings 2097152
                     maxreadlen  128->hashstrings 8388608

--readsperbatch n  Force batch size to n.
--readsperthread n Force each thread to process n reads.