usage: overlapPair ...
  -G gkpStore     Mandatory, path to gkpStore

Inputs can come from either a store or a file.
  -O ovlStore
  -O ovlFile

If from an ovlStore, the range of reads processed can be restricted.
  -b bgnID
  -e endID

Outputs will be written to a store or file, depending on the input type
  -o ovlStore
  -o ovlFile

  -erate e        Overlaps are computed at 'e' fraction error; must be larger than the original erate
  -partial        Overlaps are 'overlapInCore -G' partial overlaps
  -memory m       Use up to 'm' GB of memory

  -t n            Use up to 'n' cores

Advanced options:

  -invert         Invert the overlap A <-> B before aligning (they are not re-inverted before output)