usage: generateCorrectionLayouts -G gkpStore -O ovlStore [ -T tigStore | -F ] ...
  -G gkpStore   mandatory path to gkpStore
  -O ovlStore   mandatory path to ovlStore

  -S file       global score (binary) input file

  -T corStore   output layouts to tigStore corStore
  -F            output falconsense-style input directly to stdout

  -p  name      output prefix name, for logging and summary

  -b  bgnID
  -e  endID

  -rl file

  -L  length    minimum length of evidence overlaps
  -E  erate     maxerror rate of evidence overlaps

  -C  coverage  maximum coverage of evidence reads to emit
  -M  length    minimum length of a corrected read

ERROR: no gkpStore input (-G) supplied.
ERROR: no ovlStore input (-O) supplied.